Interface CDSHandler.FetchCallback

Enclosing class:

public static interface CDSHandler.FetchCallback
  • Method Details

    • onFetchingTranslations

      void onFetchingTranslations(@NonNull String[] localeCodes)
      Called once before initiating the connection to CDS. You can get the locales that will be fetched.
    • onTranslationFetched

      void onTranslationFetched(@Nullable InputStream inputStream, @NonNull String localeCode, @Nullable Exception exception)
      Called for each locale when a connection with the CDS is established. The implementation should consume the provided input stream.

      If an error occurs when establishing the connection, the exception will be supplied and the input stream will be null.

    • onFailure

      void onFailure(@NonNull Exception exception)
      Called once if an exception occurs during setup.