Class TranslationsDownloader


public class TranslationsDownloader extends Object
A class that makes use of CDSHandler to fetch translations from the CDS and save them to files.
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      @NonNull public HashMap<String,File> downloadTranslations(@Nullable String localeCode, @Nullable Set<String> tags, @NonNull File directory, @NonNull String filename)
      Fetches translations from CDS and saves them to files.

      For each locale, a subdirectory under the provided directory is created and a file containing the translations is created. Note that the provided directory should already exist. If a translation file already exists, it's overwritten.

      localeCode - An optional locale to fetch translations from; if set to null, it will fetch translations for the locale codes configured in the CDSHandler instance provided in the constructor.
      tags - An optional set of tags. If defined, only strings that have all of the given tags will be fetched.
      directory - The directory on which to save the translations. The directory should already exist.
      filename - The name of the translation file for a locale.
      A key-value map where each locale code points to the downloaded file containing the translations. If an error occurs, some or all locale codes will be missing from the map.