Class LocaleData.TranslationMap

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public static class LocaleData.TranslationMap extends Object
A class that holds translations for multiple locales. It maps locale codes to LocaleData.LocaleStrings objects.
  • Constructor Details

    • TranslationMap

      public TranslationMap(int initialCapacity)
      Constructs an empty TranslationMap with the specified initial capacity.
      initialCapacity - The initial capacity. Set to the number of expected locales.
    • TranslationMap

      public TranslationMap(@NonNull HashMap<String,LocaleData.LocaleStrings> map)
      Creates a TranslationMap object which uses the provided HashMap.

      The HashMap should map locale codes to LocaleData.LocaleStrings like this:

          'fr' : LocaleStrings,
          'de' : LocaleStrings,
          'el' : LocaleStrings,
    • TranslationMap

      public TranslationMap(@NonNull LocaleData.TranslationMap translationMap)
      Creates a new TranslationMap object by making a copy of the provided one.
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