public final class TXStandardCache : NSObject

The standard cache that the TXNative SDK is initialized with, if no other cache is provided.

The cache gets initialized using the decorators implemented in the Caches.swift file of the SDK so that it reads from any existing translation files either from the app bundle or the app sandbox. The cache is also responsible for creating or updating the sandbox file with new translations when they will become available and it offers a memory cache for retrieving such translations so that they can be displayed in the UI.

  • Initializes and returns the cache using a specific update policy and an optional group identifier based on the architecture of the application that uses the SDK.



    public static func getCache(updatePolicy: TXCacheUpdatePolicy = .replaceAll,
                                groupIdentifier: String? = nil) -> TXCache



    The specific update policy to be used when updating the internal memory cache with the stored contents from disk. Defaults to .replaceAll.


    The group identifier of the app, if the app makes use of the app groups entitlement. Defaults to nil.