Interface TxCache

All Known Implementing Classes:
TxDecoratorCache, TxFileOutputCacheDecorator, TxMemoryCache, TxProviderBasedCache, TxReadonlyCacheDecorator, TxUpdateFilterCache

public interface TxCache
An interface for classes that act as cache for translations.
  • Method Details

    • get

      Gets all translations from the cache in the form of a TranslationMap object.

      The returned object should not be altered as the cache may use it internally.

    • get

      Get the translation for a certain key and locale pair.
      key - The key of the string.
      locale - The locale code.
      The string if the key was found in the cache; null if the provided locale does not exist in the cache or the key does not exist for this locale; empty string if the string has not yet been translated for this locale
    • update

      void update(@NonNull LocaleData.TranslationMap translationMap)
      Update the cache with the provided TranslationMap.

      The translation map should not be changed after providing it to the cache, because the cache implementation may use it without making a copy.