Class TxMemoryCache

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public class TxMemoryCache extends Object implements TxCache
A cache that holds translations in memory.
  • Constructor Details

    • TxMemoryCache

      public TxMemoryCache()
  • Method Details

    • get

      Description copied from interface: TxCache
      Gets all translations from the cache in the form of a TranslationMap object.

      The returned object should not be altered as the cache may use it internally.

      Specified by:
      get in interface TxCache
    • get

      @Nullable public String get(@NonNull String key, @NonNull String locale)
      Description copied from interface: TxCache
      Get the translation for a certain key and locale pair.
      Specified by:
      get in interface TxCache
      key - The key of the string.
      locale - The locale code.
      The string if the key was found in the cache; null if the provided locale does not exist in the cache or the key does not exist for this locale; empty string if the string has not yet been translated for this locale
    • update

      public void update(@NonNull LocaleData.TranslationMap translationMap)
      Description copied from interface: TxCache
      Update the cache with the provided TranslationMap.

      The translation map should not be changed after providing it to the cache, because the cache implementation may use it without making a copy.

      Specified by:
      update in interface TxCache